Rhythm Changes Study Piece PDF / Video / MP3


So, here at last is my Rhythm Changes Study Piece for bassists entitled “Jumping the Gun” It’s a fast and technically challenging bebop style workout, hence the title, which is based on the classic jazz chord changes often referred to as “Rhythm Changes”. This is in honor of George Gershwin’s tune “I Got Rhythm” which used these changes in a classic 32 bar AABA form.

My study piece uses extended fingering, some large intervallic leaps and some highly chromatic phrases to give you a fun and musical workout both melodically and technically! I was inspired by everyone from J.S. Bach to Charlie Parker when I wrote this… I think you’ll have a lot of fun working on it!

The download includes:
3 X PDF charts (Standard Bass Clef notation, TAB only, and Notation and TAB combined), a video tutorial for you to download, and finally, 2 separate mp3 play-alongs to help you get the piece under your fingers at medium and fast tempos…