Study with me via Skype

One the most important aspects of choosing a teacher is to look at their experience as both a player and instructor. I’ve played in 30 different countries and performed extreme progressive rock with Virgil Donati, to intimate jazz trio music with Mitch Forman and Marvin “Smitty” Smith. I’ve headlined both Sweden’s and Canada’s drum festivals with Virgil and Kirk Covington respectively.

As a teacher, my students have performed with everyone from George Michael to Primal Scream to the Los Angeles Philharmonic! I also was the youngest faculty member at The Bass Collective when I lived in NYC, and regularly give Masterclasses at M.I in Hollywood and at the Los Angeles College of Music. Additionally my Creative Bass Lesson column in No Treble’s online magazine was voted best column for 2017 (with three of my videos in the top 10 spot.)

I offer Skype lessons to students of all levels. Some of the topics I cover include:

  • Mastering knowledge of the Fingerboard.
  • Learning to effectively use scales and modes in practical settings.
  • Creating effective basslines.
  • Walking bass and improvising over jazz standards-starting with analysis of the blues and basic chord substitution.
  • Technique-right and left hand.
  • Learning to Read Music.
Ready to start studying?
Please email me directly:
“Rufus’ encyclopedic knowledge and real world experience would make him an ideal teacher for anyone from a beginner all the way to a professional looking for new ideas and fresh approaches.”
David Allen Moore
Bass, LA Philharmonic
“Rufus possesses an amazing enthusiasm and energy for sharing his concepts on the bass, and has a deep knowledge of harmony combined with an extremely high level of facility on the instrument.”
Jerry Watts
Bass Dept Chair at LACM
“Rufus has an amazing ability to use his wide range of experience to help students of all level develop their voice on the instrument, both technically and melodically.”
Maurice Verloop
Bass Dept Chair at MI Hollywood