CPT Trio – Starship Cadillac


The new CD from CPT Trio!

High Energy electric jazz/fusion in the tradition of classic groups like Weather Report,Tribal Tech and Headhunters. Featuring Rufus Philpot, Kirk Covington (legendary drummer from Tribal Tech) and keyboard virtuoso Scott Tibbs!

Available as a download in mp3.

Full CD booklet artwork included!


Track Listing

1. Sleek 5:39
2. Pickled Pigs Feet 3:28
3. Paramedic 4:56
4. Temperance 6:00
5. Drop The Chalupa 4:39
6. Starship Cadillac 3:55
7. Chase The Blues Away 3:53
8. Disgruntled Consumate Monkey Intro 2:15
9. Disgruntled Consumate Monkey 5:06
10. Just In Case 6:06
11. Enough 4 Three 3:30
12. Still Silence 5:40
13. Neverworld... 5:05

“Rufus is a phenomenal musician, who is extremely talented.”

Jimmy Haslip
Grammy Winning Bass Player

“I have worked with many top bassists … including Anthony Jackson, Jimmy Haslip, and Will Lee … and I find Rufus’ musicianship to be some of the best I have ever encountered.”

Joel Rosenblatt

“Great chops, man!”

Al Di Meola

“Rufus is, I believe, one of the finest bassists to emerge from Europe in the last ten years.”

Matt Garrison