The new trio CD from CPT Trio!

High Energy electric jazz/fusion in the tradition of classic groups like Weather Report,Tribal Tech and Headhunters. Featuring Rufus Philpot, Kirk Covington (legendary drummer from Tribal Tech) and keyboard virtuoso Scott Tibbs!

Available as either full CD download in mp3 or High Quality WAV format.

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Full CD booklet artwork included!


Starship Cadillac

1. Sleek
2. Pickled Pigs Feet
3. Paramedic
4. Temperance
5. Drop The Chalupa
6. Starship Cadillac
7. Chase The Blues Away
8. Disgruntled Consumate Monkey Intro
9. Disgruntled Consumate Monkey
10. Just In Case
11. Enough 4 Three
12. Still Silence
13. Neverworld...

“Rufus is a phenomenal musician, who is extremely talented.”

Jimmy Haslip
Grammy Winning Bass Player

“I have worked with many top bassists … including Anthony Jackson, Jimmy Haslip, and Will Lee … and I find Rufus’ musicianship to be some of the best I have ever encountered.”

Joel Rosenblatt

“Great chops, man!”

Al Di Meola

“Rufus is, I believe, one of the finest bassists to emerge from Europe in the last ten years.”

Matt Garrison